Ludum Dare

  • Stargazers

    Stargazers is an time-attack puzzle game where you must recreate constellations. You click on stars to connect them to one another, but be quick and deft! You will be timed so the faster you work the better your score.


    MEMEX is an ambient mystery puzzle game where you steal bits and pieces of someone's memory. You play as the thief, pushing your way through someone's mind in an attempt to take away treasured memories.


    Your name is Al-Ian, and your job is to go to Earth and destroy some of Earth's most potentially dangerous species before they're given a chance to evolve and wreck havoc on homo sapiens (in the future).

  • Pow! Pow! Pow!

    You play as the leader of the small-sized and faraway planet called Pipbit. You set out to crush the invading aliens from supersizing and completely taking over the home planet. Use awesome powers of minification!


  • Hatch

    A mobile creature-raising game.

  • TBA

    A running man game that plays with time control mechanics.