Posted by Cake 4 years ago

Our first official post! I would totally be writing more but I don't really know if people would be interested in what I have to say about certain games. Maybe sometime down the line I'll choose a good game that I've been playing and just do it.

We came back from PAX Prime the other weekend and we can definitely say we had an AMAZING time! (Although not without some pitfalls along the way...) We couldn't attend the first day on Friday, but we ended up spending the day out just exploring Seattle. For those who have never been in the city and plan on coming in for PAX, I strongly encourage you guys to just take a break and walk around. East Pike is a really great neighborhood for food and exploration, and the EMP Museum is super fantastic! There was a rad Fantasy exhibit hosted by Wizards of the Coast and we got some awesome Magic decks out of it too!

Honestly the best part about PAX is getting to interact and experience the buzzing atmosphere in the indie megabooth and the PAX 10 area. Everyone is so friendly and so willing to chat with you about their work. Of course our all time favourite dev crew is Asteroid Base, the guys who are developing "Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time". They're super cool, and they were a ton of fun to hang out with while Zeik and I came back pretty much every day to try to get the high score. Sadly we didn't get it...but hey! At least we can really damn close at #3 place!

All in all it was really fun! We had a lot of fun and we're looking forward to coming back next year.

Posted by Zeik 5 years ago
Welcome to our newly launched blog/site/thing! Wait a minute... it's not quite done yet but feel free to take a look around! We hope to do some more updates this week :)